Bexon Community Centre

Bexon Community Centre

Work has commenced in earnest on the construction of the Bexon Community Centre. The contract for the construction of this facility was awarded to Jamecob’s Quality Construction Ltd. The building is expected to be completed in an estimated 12 month period, and is designed to house the following facilities.

– Gymnasium, Office space, Entertainment area with stage and changing rooms, etc.

This facility which is being constructed close to the Bexon Primary School will be a welcomed addition to the community, serving the needs of residents in Bexon, Marc, L’abbayee, Ravine Poisson and even further afield.

Work is also far advanced on the repair of the access road which currently serves the Bexon Primary School in addition to the proposed community centre, as well as residents in the area.

See below photo of site clearance works in progress.

Drainage Works in Ravine Poisson

Drainage Works in Ravine Poisson

Drainage improvement works have been proceeding in earnest in the Ravine Poisson area over the past several weeks. These works are necessary to mitigate against the impact of land slippage in the area.

Contractors residing in the Ravine Poisson community have been engaged to undertake this much needed project. The new drains will complement an existing network of drains in the area, and will bring much relief to residents who have suffered from the negative impacts associated with poor drainage over the last several years.

Christmas Message 2020 – Hon. Guy Joseph

Christmas Message 2020 – Hon. Guy Joseph

Seasons Greetings to All Saint Lucians both here and abroad.

We cannot help but be joyous and happy during this time of year. Status does not matter because the first Noel the angels did say was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay.

All things work for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose … Romans 8:28

2020 has tested all that we are and have. Thankfully the challenges have brought out the best in us and our beloved Country. This is testament to the fact that we are a strong people. Through these difficult times we are standing strong. I want to thank all Saint Lucians both here and abroad and especially my constituents for adhering to the protocols and staying safe.

Christmas is a time of giving, so let us continue to give not because we have but because we understand what it is like to be without. Let us continue to be a source of comfort and encouragement even through the COVID-19 protocols.

I am taking this opportunity during this holiday season to express my gratitude to all the people of Castries South East for electing me as your representative. COVID- 19 has affected our interaction and our modes of showing affection (handshakes and hugs). Let us love anyway. Let it come from the heart especially this season and throughout 2021.

To the staff of the Ministry of Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation, Road Transport Board, Air Transport Licensing Board, National Housing Corporation, CSE Constituency Council, National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, ECTEL, My Cabinet Colleagues and Members of Parliament – I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2021. To my wife, Family members both immediate and extended, I am extremely grateful for your continued understanding through the demands of my political life. My Christian Family from all denominations, your prayers and love are the greatest gifts that I receive on a daily basis. This is what keeps us going as a Government. Foreign Diplomats and all other visitors to our Island, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous 2021.

Let COVID-19 be a bump in the road and not a stop or a detour. We will overcome. To you who have lost loved ones or have been in isolation, our hearts go out to you. Let us continue to support and pray for each other. Friends and Family are special. Let us use this holiday season to share love with each other. May this season of giving be the start of your better life.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2021 to everyone. God Bless You and Thank you

Road Construction has several benefits

Road Construction has several benefits

Did You Know the Benefits of Road Construction Projects? A few of them are:-Jobs created during construction-Helps stimulate the economy-Improves community access and convenience especially in times of an emergency-Reduces fuel and vehicle maintenance costs-Improves road safety for motorists and pedestrians -Increases resilience of infrastructure during a natural disaster-Creates wealth for citizens through the increase in property values #StaySafe#LetsKeepWorking#TeamWorkers

Invest Saint Lucia breaks ground on La Fargue Development

Invest Saint Lucia breaks ground on La Fargue Development

Invest Saint Lucia (ISL) breaks ground of its La Fargue Development, which is expeted to make land more affordable to hundreds of Saint Lucians.

In an official groundbreaking ceremony on August 5, 2020, ISL Chairman Pinkley Francis declared: “Today we see the culmination of a promise. A promise made by Invest Saint Lucia in 2019 to make owning a piece of Saint Lucia more accessible to her people and creating 600 new landowners at various locations around the island!”

Francis continued: “I am proud that we are able to mark this groundbreaking here in La Fargue with my fellow Choiseulians by delivering 114 of those land plots.”

The La Fargue Development in Choiseul is the agency’s latest land project.

Initially, infrastructural works were supposed to be completed in the first quarter of 2020, but when the impact of the global pandemic continued to unravel, plans came to a halt.

However, on August 5, Invest Saint Lucia was able to announce the development’s resumption.

The property location shares views of the calm waters of either the Caribbean Sea or the peak of Gros Piton and will offer both residential and commercial use lots and runs along approximately 28.4 acres of flat land, consist of 114 lots ranging in size from 4,193 to 26,000 square feet.

It will be completed in four phases, and three contractors from the Choiseul area are currently employed on the project.

Minister for Investment and Member of Parliament for Choiseul, Honourable Bradly Felix also shared his elation on the beginning of this project.

“Land ownership has a key role to play in changing the economic standing of a country and my government, through Invest Saint Lucia, is proud to be able to lead the way forward,” he said.

Speaking to his fellow Cabinet colleagues, representatives from all over Choiseul and other organizations, the minister outlined the predicted outcomes for this large-scale development.

“Firstly, the 114 lots available in La Fargue are 114 opportunities for Saint Lucians, especially Choiseulians, to gain collateral,” Minister Felix said.

Land ownership, he declared, will empower the people of Choiseul to approach financial institutions and to have an advantage towards bigger and more profitable individual investments.

“This development would increase employment and job creation in the long, medium and short term… and this development will indirectly contribute to increasing the standard of living in Choiseul,” Minister Felix said.

He also thanked Invest Saint Lucia for being resilient and “steering through this pandemic”.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and Minister Guy Joseph also applauded Invest Saint Lucia for adding to the beauty of the Choiseul community and contributing to the constituency’s economic development.

The prime minister spoke about his government’s plans for developing the island’s south and predicted that “Vieux Fort to Soufriere will become the golden coast of Saint Lucia” and it will become the most valuable land in the country.

Invest Saint Lucia is currently working on two other land developments; one in Bois Jolie, Dennery and the other in Beauchamp, Micoud.

To promote economic equality across the population, the agency is working towards the earlier mentioned 600 new landowners through development and land rationalisation.

Anyone wishing to apply for land can find application forms either at Invest Saint Lucia’s Castries or Vieux Fort offices or                 

Forestierre road project complete

Forestierre road project complete

Parliamentary Representative for Castries (south east) Hon. Guy Joseph, along with officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure held the official opening ceremony to mark the completion Forestierre Road Project.

The project included the construction of new drains, retaining walls, culverts, the erection of traffic signs, road markings for traffic safety and the total resurfacing of the road.

Parliamentary Representative for Castries (south east), Hon Guy Joseph, noted that Forestierre is one of the first communities to benefit from a road financed through the gas tax.

“When  the government made the decision because of our limited fiscal space to implement the gas tax for the road rehabilitation and road maintenance program, Forestierre can safely say that we have benefited from this as one of the first communities. The value of every property in Forestierre has appreciated because of this single road construction project.

He continued: “Roads are vital to any development agenda in any country; so these are not just political projects—roads play a very vital role in the development of any society.”

The project, commenced in June of 2019 and completed in December 2019, was financed by the Government of Saint Lucia through The Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Roads Programme at the cost of EC$6,290,000. The road rehabilitation project was implemented by local construction firm Skelly’s Construction.

Kellyann Gajadhar, Office Manager at Skelly’s Construction Services, said: “It is not simply a stretch of road, as impressive as it is. It creates a new pathway to the further development of our people, and it speaks well for the long terms viability of our country and our prospects for future development. This project created jobs for many persons within our community and our neighboring communities.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly rehabilitated Forestierre Road took place on Sunday, March 1.

Source: GIS

Flood-resilience works in Castries South East

Flood-resilience works in Castries South East


Much-needed relief is on the way to residents of Castries South East as local contractors bid to implement drainage and slope stabilization works. The works are part of the DVRP’s effort to prepare Saint Lucia for more frequent, heavy rainfall events and stronger hurricanes as anticipated with climate change.

The EC$4.3 million-dollar project is expected to last for 12 months, and will generate employment for scores of residents in the targeted communities of Country Village, Odsan, Barre du Chaussée, Belair, Bexon, Marc, Tete Marc, Forestierre, Dierre Bas, Sarrot, Labayee, Crown Lands, and Morne Rouge. The deadline for tendering was June 14, 2019 with signed contracts expected over the period July – August 2019 and commencement of works thereafter. The remaining 31 packages for Marchand, Dennery South and Micoud South will be tendered this summer.

The designs were recently completed under the DVRP by consulting engineer, Mr. Lester Arnold. He said the disaster risk reduction initiative, particularly for residents of Marc, Bexon and environs, is timely, given the traumatic experiences which they have faced over many years, following excessive rainfall.

Speaking to the comprehensive and consultative process undertaken to develop the design, Mr. Arnold said: “This is a project which started about 12 months ago, when we first met with residents of the communities of Bexon and its environs, who were affected by continuous flooding. We had conversations with all residents who had complaints, then assessed and prioritized the grievances. With their input, we came up with various appropriate interventions. We are at the phase now where all the designs have been completed for those interventions and we are now looking to commence construction works.”

To facilitate the bidding process, on May 14 and May 16, 2019, interested contractors, comprising of males and females, were taken to every location where projects will be implemented—drainage and slope stabilization works have been identified for 39 sites. During the excursions, contractors were provided with detailed information on the specific interventions.

“Concrete-lined drains will be used for areas that are virtually without any form of proper drainage,” Arnold explained. “Other interventions include reinforced concrete retaining walls, gabion-basket retaining walls, masonry retaining walls and ripraps.”

The DVRP intervention will not end with the construction of the works. Key to the long-term sustainability of the project, Arnold explained, will be implementation of a maintenance schedule in partnership with the community.

“What we have noticed in the past, is that once you have a project that is community-based and persons buy into the project, you have a better maintenance schedule to ensure that the drains do not get over-silted. In that regard, we shall be making available to the communities small hand tools, namely, forks, pick axes, shovels, barrows, and similar implements.” Given the proven correlation between poor garbage disposal and clogging of drains, residents are also expected to benefit from information on proper garbage disposal practices to ensure continued benefit from the drainage works.

Source: Government of Saint Lucia

UWP Vieux Fort North Candidate Revealed

UWP Vieux Fort North Candidate Revealed

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has revealed the United Workers Party’s (UWP) confirmed candidate for Vieux Fort North in a Facebook post. Below is the PM’s statement:

I recently spent the day in the constituency of Vieux Fort North with our newly endorsed UWP candidate for the constituency Mr. Vincent London.

During this visit, Mr. London took me to several communities to share the various projects and Programmes which form part of his vision to develop a new, progressive and inclusive Vieux Fort North.

Some of the key areas which form part of this vision include upgraded roads, rehabilitated playing fields and water to communities that have been left without this basic resource for so many years.

Thank you to the residents of the various communities for such a warm and hospitable welcome.
“London We Goin”

Source: Saint Lucia News Online

United Workers Party unanimously endorses Allen Chastanet

United Workers Party unanimously endorses Allen Chastanet

Prime Minister Honourable Allen M Chastanet has received an overwhelming endorsement from the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) to continue his leadership of the party and government.

At the UWP’s annual Conference of Delegates held on Sunday, October 11, 2020, at the National Cultural Centre, over 250 delegates unanimously adopted a resolution expressing confidence in Allen Chastanet, the elected representative for Micoud South, as political leader of the party and prime minister.

Similar endorsements were given to the first and second deputy political leaders Dr Gale TC Rigobert, the Member of Parliament for Micoud North, and Ezechiel Joseph, the representative for Babonneau, who were both nominated unopposed.

The endorsements mean that three of the top positions on the party executive will not be up for contention when the party holds its annual convention next month.

Sunday’s conference of delegates also endorsed candidates to contest other positions on the executive. Among these was that of Chairman, to which Mr Pinkley Francis was nominated unopposed. He will serve on the executive for the first time.

The conference also adopted the agenda for the November convention, the date, and venue for which will be announced later.

Party officials have described last Sunday’s delegates conference as a major success adding that the UWP was continuing to be energized by its rank and file as it prepares to renew its mandate with the electorate.

The annual conference usually precedes the party convention. It comprises 15 delegates from each of the17 constituencies together with the executive, elected members of the House of Assembly, and party senators.

Guy Joseph remembers Sir John Compton on death anniversary

Guy Joseph remembers Sir John Compton on death anniversary

Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph says his entry into active politics is due to Sir John Melvin Compton, who passed away thirteen years ago today.

The Minister made the comments today while observing the anniversary of the death of the former leader of the United Workers Party (UWP).

“I am in politics today primarily because of Sir John and his contribution to the development of Saint Lucia,” Minister Joseph told Loop News.

Joseph, who is the current Parliamentary Representative for Castries South East, says when he was approached by the UWP to contest the seat in 2005 he was not interested, however, according to him, Sir John Compton persuaded him to reconsider.

“He found me and he said look here, I was told you are the only person who can win this seat and I need you to run the seat for me.

He said look here, at this age you think I am coming back to this thing for myself? I am not doing it for myself, I am doing this for the younger people of Saint Lucia, I have done my time, I have done my part,” Joseph recalled.

According to Joseph, Sir John was not pleased with the direction the country was heading.

“I thought about it for a while and said to myself, why complain about something if you are not willing to do anything about it, so that is when I decided to consider entering seriously, the political arena.”

Compton, the former farmer, lawyer and politician, affectionately known as “The father of the Nation,” passed away on shortly after sweeping the UWP back into office with an 11-6 win over the SLP in December 2006.

He was 82-years-old at the time of his death.

Sir John served as the prime minister of Saint Lucia on three occasions: briefly in 1979, again from 1982 to 1996, and from 2006 until his death in 2007.

“Sir John was a master politician; he was a great statesman and was well respected both regionally and internationally.

Saint Lucia is what is today because of the foundation that was laid by Sir John and the many years where he took the country from where it was to where it is today,” Joseph said.

Sir John Compton was instrumental in Saint Lucia gaining its independence and played an integral role in the establishment of a number of regional organizations such as CARICOM, the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), and West Indies Associated States Council (WISA).

He was also instrumental in transforming the north of the island to what it is today, including the Rodney Bay Marina.

“What stands out for me about Sir John was his heart and love for the people of Saint Lucia. He really wanted what was good for the people of Saint Lucia,” Joseph declared.

Sir John was a former Deputy Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, Leader of the National Labour Movement and later formed the United Workers Party, winning the June 1964 general election, and becoming Chief Minister at the helm of the new party.

Sir John Compton served as Prime Minister of Saint Lucia from 1982 until he retired in 1996.

After being retired for ten years, he returned to the political arena in 2006, taking the UWP to victory and once again becoming prime minister.

On May 1, 2007, Sir John was hospitalized in New York City after he suffered a series of strokes.

He returned to office in June of that year to oversee a babinet reshuffle, in which he remained prime minister but gave up the Finance portfolio to Acting Prime Minister Stephenson King.

He returned to hospital not too long after, where he died on September 7, 2007.

Source: Loop Saint Lucia